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AXA Advisors

Financial Consultant


Clinton has dedicated his financial services career to providing sound guidance to his clients and helping them achieve their financial goals.

He has over 37 years of experience in the financial services industry, with over 30 years at Equitable/AXA Advisors LLC, specializing in retirement planning, investments and insurance. Clinton believes that every investor deserves the highest quality of professional services and advice. Throughout his career, Clinton has earned numerous AXA Advisor honors, both locally and nationally, due to his hard work and dedication to his clients. Clinton is a member of The Paramount Planning Group, a division of AXA Advisors for an elite group of innovative and respected financial professionals who are distinguished for achieving the highest standard of experience and service. He continues to refine and update his planning knowledge and service platform to keep abreast of current developments in the industry. 

Clinton’s extensive experience and knowledge in the financial planning and retirement services allows him to provide advice his clients strive for in order to help them obtain their financial objectives. With his straightforward approach, he understands that each client is different, and he is able to tailor investments based on the clients’ needs, their personal level of risk, life planning goals and most importantly, the suitability of their investments.

Clinton brings a unique combination of professional competence, a passion for helping individuals, families and businesses achieve their financial goals, and dedication to the highest ethical values. Along with years of experience in financial planning and staying current with the changes in the industry has enabled Clinton to stand out from the competition.


 Customized Programs*

Designed to help individuals and businesses conduct their financial affairs – Employee Benefit Planning – Business Continuation Plan – Retirement Planning – Asset Management Planning – Estate Planning – Executive Compensation Plans

Investment Products

Help clients create and preserve personal assets including retirement planning needs – Mutual Funds – Variable Annuities – Unit Investment Trust – Discount Brokerage Services – Asset Management Accounts – IRA’s – Roth IRA’s – Simple IRA’s – Keogh Plans – 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans – Defined Benefit & Target Benefit Plans – Simplified Employee Pensions (SEP’s) – Tax Sheltered Annuities – Public Employee Deferred Compensation (Section 457) – Personal Insurance and Retirement Plans

Business Insurance

Provides protection for businesses and incentive for employees – Buy/Sell Agreement – Key Person Coverage – Split Dollar and Executive Bonus Plans – Deferred Compensation Plans – Group Life Carve Out Plans – Business Overhead Expense – Salary Allotment Programs – Cafeteria 125 Plans

 Life Insurance

Provides protection while allowing for asset accumulation to help fund education, retirement, and other personal goals on a tax favored basis – Term Life – Whole Life – Variable Life – Joint Survivorship Variable Universal Life

Long Term Care, Health, & Disability Income Insurance**

Helps pay for the enormous cost of  Long Term Care either in a nursing home or at home - Helps replace income in the event of disability – Individual Disability – Key Person Disability and Business Overhead Disability – Buy/Sell Agreement – Health Insurance

 *using life insurance and other financial products.

**underwritten by a third party insurer and available through an insurance brokerage affiliate.

 ACS-82553 (01/14)


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